The Nest is a shared work environment for early stage entrepreneurs and independent professionals. It is host to startup programs and tech meetups.

Members are called Nesters.

Our Values: Community & Industry

Community: Be respectful of others and the space; give before you get; leverage the knowledge base.

Industry: Do things; be positive; work hard; be productive.

Applying for membership

Visit and choose your membership level.


Doors should be unlocked during regular business hours 9am-5pm weekdays. If you are the last to leave, remember to lock the door behind you.

Your personal belongings should remain in your possession at all times. Greater Peoria EDC is not responsible for personal items left unattended.


Be friendly. Give help when needed bu others and ask for it when needed by you. We’re all in this together! If you don’t want to be bothered, use one of our semi-private desks. (Bring your own headphones!)

Be considerate. If you use the last of the printer paper, refill it. Same with paper towels. Check with your neighbors before changing the music or thermostat. If you’re making yourself a pourover coffee, ask if someone else wants one too.


Leave no traces. Remember to wash any dishes you use and wipe down the table after you eat. We won’t cry over spilled milk - as long as you make sure to clean up your mess. Take home your tupperware and lunchboxes, and always clean your food out of the fridge at the end of your day.

The Nest will be cleaned weekly. Please keep this in mind as you schedule small meetings and guests.


Any non-member visiting The Nest is considered a guest, and they must be escorted by a member. You are responsible for your guest and they may only be in the space for meetings with you while you are authorized to use it. Otherwise, they may purchase a Day Pass, or spend all day during Open Coworking, which will be the first Wednesday of each month, between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Coffee & Kitchenette

The Nest has a pourover coffee station, for use by paying members. Directions to make a pourover can be found at the station.

Nest administrators are responsible for keeping coffee beans available to members, but members are welcome to bring their own beans as well.

Resource Booking Best Practices 

Remember to book resources before using them, and with as much notice as possible.


We have a communal Bluetooth speaker system (B06) that can be used by anyone. We encourage soft music with no words. If that’s not your thing, use some headphones. (Bring your own headphones!)

Hours of operation

Generally, The Nest is open on weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM.
Full time

Full time members enjoy additional privileged access. Each FT member will be assigned a digital key via mobile app that will allow him or her into the space 24/7.

However, The Nest is also host to special events and tech meetups. Keep up with these on the Nest's Proximity calendar.

Special events

Evening access and reserved hours of the coworking space will be communicated through The Nest’s Slack channel.


There are two bike racks on the sidewalk on Adams Street. Bring your own lock.
There is also a CityLink bus station only 2 blocks away.
The Nest has 4 private spaces in an off-street lot which are first come, first served. Otherwise, there is plenty of on-street parking near the Oak + Adams intersection.

Paying for membership

(Via Proximity)

Obtaining access to Adams Street door and Nest door

You will receive two separate physical keys – one for the street door and one for the suite door.

August Lock System

(The "Doors" feature of Proximity will render the August lock useless. Until then...)

We have installed an August electronic lock and keypad at The Nest. Each Nest member will have a unique keypad code and as well as access to unlock the system via app. Visitors and people on free trials will be given a temporary code to the keypad to unlock the door as necessary.

Cancelling membership

Membership can be canceled at any time but will be charged the full month if canceled in the middle of a term.

Before the last day of your membership, make sure you turn in both keys issued to you. We will not end your membership until both keys are returned.